Recurrent Corneal Erosion Syndrome

This is an interesting patient who was referred in for recurrent corneal erosion syndrome.

Historically, he did have recurrent corneal erosion.

EXCEPT he developed acute bacterial keratitis, and vision dropped to CF (counting fingers). This is what he looked like on presentation.

Recurrent corneal erosion syndrome with Dr Anthony Maloof looking under a microscope.
Dr Anthony Maloof looking at an eye scrape under the microscope from someone experiencing recurrent corneal erosion.

When such patients come in, I am now able to give them an answer within the hour. I simply scrape and stain the cornea, and in this case, gram-positive rods indicated pseudomonas.

I have been able to pick up fungal infections, microsporidia and acanthamoeba very quickly this way.

Fortunately, this patient who drives a heavy vehicle, was able to commence the appropriate treatment within 2 hours of arriving, and 2 weeks later, vision returned to 6l15.

I hope he will get to 6l9 without needing any surgery.

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