Corneal Injury

You have suffered an injury to the cornea from a fingernail, hairbrush scratch or a foreign body such as a tree branch. This type of organic injury causes severe pain which takes several days to settle. Sometime after the initial injury you may experience recurrence of pain of up to the same severity as the initial injury. This may occur repeatedly and if this happens then you have Recurrent Erosion Syndrome.


Fortunately, this condition can be treated very effectively. When palliative treatment such as ointments fail, we recommend mechanical corneal polishing with a diamond burr which is extremely effective in curing resolutions. We have better than a 99% success rate in resolution of symptoms after such injuries. We no longer use laser polishing or chemical polishing as these are much less effective.

After your treatment

A bandage contact lens will be placed on the eye after treatment. Pain that lasts several days and settles slowly. The vision will be blurry in the first week following which it will rapidly improve. The contact lens will be removed at your post-operative appointment at about a month.