Corneal Scarring

You have an opacity or irregularity on the front lens of the eye which is impairing your vision. You might be experiencing glare, discomfort, halo, double vision, multi focal vision or simply distortion. Correcting this irregularity improves vision.


Treatment usually requires surgery. This begins with removal of the surface skin of the cornea and peeling back any scar tissue. The irregularities of the cornea under the skin is then polished with a corneal laser (EXCIMER laser). This is the same laser that is used to correct short or long sightedness.

The procedure takes about 15 to 30 minutes and a contact lens will be placed over the eye. You can go home soon after surgery.

After your surgery

Initially the eye will be sore for several days and then the soreness will settle. You will notice a haziness lasting a week or so and once it settles, your vision will slowly improve.

You are to continue using the drops until told to cease by Dr Maloof and your contact lens will be removed at your post-operative appointment. Sometimes it falls out early and if this happens, do not worry. You may need to change your glasses after surgery.