Eye Reconstruction

You have suffered an injury to the cornea and/or eye. This may be either a surface injury or full thickness penetrating injury causing secondary scarring which affects vision.


If injury is linked to the surface of the cornea, laser surgery can eliminate scarring and restore shape.

If the entire cornea is damaged, transplant surgery may be required.

If the iris is damaged, this may be repaired to restore shape and optics of the eye, improving vision

If the lens has been damaged, it can be removed and replaced.

There are many different options available depending on the damage. Sometimes all the above is needed.

After your surgery

You will be prescribed drops to use as instructed by Dr Maloof. You should continue these until told to reduce or cease. Restoration of vision usually takes some time and if a transplant has been undertaken then time period for full return of vision will be anywhere up to 18 months depending on the injury sustained. Results will vary on a case by case basis.