Our Philosophy

Surgery is the Science of biological carpentry carried out on humans, and no one wants a sales pitch when it comes to surgery. We put the humanity back into Surgery with no nonsense, old fashioned, direct advice that is based in reality, pragmatic, individual and easy to understand, making your transition through surgery as seamless as possible. Our 3 R’s of surgery are Repair, Restore and Reconstruct; everything we do is visible, so the only “like” we care about is that the outcome is as good as possible. Great thinkers have given us Philosophy as a guide to life; so too the Philosophy of Surgery is a guide to Surgery.

“The words “just”, “simple”, and “easy” have no place in the same sentence as the word surgery”

– Dr Anthony Maloof

Philosophy of Surgery

  • Surgery should be individualised to patient differences.
  • Treatments should be founded in Scientific reality, not internet misinformation.
  • Complex words and expensive treatments do not solve problems – people do.
  • The art of clinical medicine is essential to diagnosis and treatment.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the correct diagnosis come before treatment.
  • The best procedure may not be the simplest or fastest one.
  • “Simple” surgery can have significant adverse outcomes.
  • Surgery should target long term outcome not short term gain.
  • Surgery does not treat all disease; it corrects surgical problems arising from disease.
  • Happiness is not a surgical problem and not treatable by surgery.
  • Surgery works well for the right patient, with the right understanding, having the right procedure, at the right time.
  • Surgery is a choice, not the last choice.
  • Surgery may have alternatives, including no surgery.
  • I derive happiness from seeing how the time I invest to deliver surgical outcomes makes a patient feel.
  • The only surgeons with zero adverse outcomes are retired surgeons and dead surgeons.