Unveiling the Enigma: Signs and Symptoms of Keratoconus

Keratoconus, a progressive eye disorder that affects the cornea, has intrigued medical professionals and researchers for decades. Characterized by the cornea’s gradual thinning and cone-like distortion, this condition can lead to distorted vision and a range of visual anomalies. Understanding the signs and symptoms of keratoconus is crucial for early detection and intervention. In this …

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Recurrent Keratoconus

This is recurrent keratoconus in a man who has had full thickness transplantation performed overseas many years ago for keratoconus. A white scar has emerged from the gap, which is like a crescent on the outside of the scar.I will arrange scar removal and polishing (recurrent keatoconus saltzmans). The scar is a secondary saltzmanoid nodule. …

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