Recurrent Keratoconus

This is recurrent keratoconus in a man who has had full thickness transplantation performed overseas many years ago for keratoconus.

Recurrent keratoconus showing a white scar

A white scar has emerged from the gap, which is like a crescent on the outside of the scar.
I will arrange scar removal and polishing (recurrent keatoconus saltzmans).

The scar is a secondary saltzmanoid nodule.

Question: Would this scar have anything to do with post-graft rubbing or post-graft RGP wear?

Answer: The scar is a migration of keratocytes subepithelially as the dehiscence occurs.
Rubbing is a big factor, lens wear much much less.
I have never seen saltmans occurring from soft lens wear, but there is considerable saltzmans that is idiopathic, and contact lenses can be safely worn over these lesions, if tolerated.

Question: Is this done in office/with a burr?

Removal can sometimes be done in the office with burring, but often needs surgical dissection in the operating theatre, and or excimer laser polishing.

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